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3.8 Admin tab: An Overview

What is the admin tab?

Click Admin at the top of any Analytics page to switch to the tab where you manage Google Analytics accounts, Properties, Views and users. We’ve already seen a few examples of things you can do here. Use the menu at the top of each column in turn to select the account, Property and View you want, or to create new ones. Click the appropriate entry in each column to access the Analytics page for the activity you want – for example to manage users, create new Properties and Views, create data filters, whatever it may be.

Analytics keeps track of what’s done in the Admin tab. In the Account column, if you have more than one account, select the account you want, then click “Change History” to view what has been changed in that account over the last 180 days, by whom and when.

Bear in mind that to use the options in the Admin tab, your account requires Edit permissions. If you set up the Analytics account and are the account administrator, you’ll have this automatically; if you create new users, you can give them different levels of access.


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