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Course Overview

This workshop is specifically designed for recruiters and HR professionals looking to maximize use of LinkedIn to recruit top talent. Learn from industry best practice and get up to speed on the latest LinkedIn developments to drive real results.

Key Benefits

Take these learning outputs away with you:

Recruit top talent
Develop market-leading understanding of LinkedIn
Master LinkedIn
Best practice guidance on sourcing candidates and promoting job placements
Drive job ad applications
Expert guidance on getting the most out of LinkedIn advertising
Grow an active community
Successfully set up LinkedIn groups
Keep ahead of the competition
Benchmark against industry best practice

Workshop Program

This dedicated LinkedIn Recruitment workshop will help you come to grips with the multitude of ways LinkedIn can propel the recruitment process.

Learn top LinkedIn techniques to promote job placements, source top candidates and headhunt. Master LinkedIn Advertising to dramatically boost job applications.

Tried-and-tested LinkedIn techniques will be covered in depth, utilizing the full suite of LinkedIn features to reach highly targeted professional profiles.

You will leave the day ready to maximize the opportunity LinkedIn presents to fast track the recruitment process and drive top results.

Day One

  • Social Media Recruitment Strategy
    • Bringing it together: Integrating social media alongside existing recruitment activity
    • Template for success: Key elements required to develop an effective social media recruitment strategy
    • Social media management: Time-saving tools and techniques
    • Prospect targeting: How to best segment candidates online to maximize results
    • Content strategy: How to deliver a varied flow of content to engage prospects
  • LinkedIn Specialist Insight
    • Demographics: Insight into LinkedIn’s user base and usage rates across US
    • Up-to-the-minute: Guidance on the latest LinkedIn developments and planned initiatives impacting recruitment in the US
  • LinkedIn Strategy
    • Essential creativity: How to creatively plan LinkedIn recruitment campaigns strategically
    • Bringing it together: How to sync LinkedIn with other platforms such as Twitter and blogs
  • LinkedIn Profile Pages

    Maximizing effectiveness of Personal Profile Pages

    • Company strategy: Developing a coherent strategy of best practice across your employee base
    • Network visibility: How to engage a targeted network of contacts on an ongoing basis

    LinkedIn membership packages

    • Premium subscriptions: Full overview and recommendations for different levels of signup
  • LinkedIn Company Pages

    Maximizing effectiveness of your LinkedIn Company Page

    • Setting up: Establishing a branded LinkedIn Page presence effectively
    • Google: Optimizing your LinkedIn Page for search engines
    • Online video: Integrate video into your Company Page to boost engagement levels
    • User accounts: How to manage set-up of personal and company profile accounts for the long term

    Content strategy

    • Status updates: Target your updates by company size, industry, job function, seniority or geography
    • Content calendar: How to build a working content plan to maximize results from your posts
    • Post frequency: Best practice for planning the number of posts per day
    • Post scheduling: Priority times to post to maximize engagement
    • Content type: How to best plan your mix of image, video and other multimedia content
    • Creative development: How to creatively plan content to maximize community engagement
  • Growing Your Connections

    Building a targeted network

    • Current contacts: Extend your network easily across your email contacts
    • Advanced search: Locate targeted industry professionals to connect with
    • Offline marketing: Guidance on publicizing your LinkedIn presence offline
    • Company engagement: Best practice for engaging companies and spurring them to join your network
    • Requests for introductions: Advice on maximizing use of LinkedIn referrals

    Best practice LinkedIn network engagement

    • Timing: Planning your activity around when industry professionals are most active on LinkedIn
    • Status updates: Advice on what types of updates drive most engagement and visibility in News Feeds
    • Relationship management: Tactics to boost your contacts’ visibility and generate long-term good will
  • LinkedIn Groups

    Setting up your own LinkedIn Group

    • Focus topic: Researching and determining a topic for your group to maximize results
    • Open or closed group?: Guidance on best practice
    • Blocking individuals: How to prevent competitors joining your group
    • Search visibility: How to ensure maximum visibility in LinkedIn and Google
    • Growing membership: Proven techniques for organically growing a targeted community
    • Discussions: Instigating and managing LinkedIn Group discussions
    • Group announcements: Best practice use of email announcements to your group members
    • Group management: Designating admin responsibilities across your team

    3rd party LinkedIn Groups

    • Selecting groups to join: How to best focus your time to drive most results
    • Popular discussions: Target the most active activity within a group for most visibility
    • Starting a discussion: Prepping a new discussion topic that adds value and generates debate
    • Top influencer: How to become one of the most valued participants in a group
    • Group analytics: Maximize LinkedIn’s detailed stats on group activity, demographics and growth
  • LinkedIn Engagement

    LinkedIn Mail

    • Best practice: How to best use LinkedIn’s email messaging function to engage candidates
    • Message content: Topics and message themes to deliver best response
    • Frequency: Tried-and-tested timings for regularly messaging your contacts without inspiring fatigue
    • LinkedIn InMail: Best practice use of LinkedIn’s paid messages to people outside your network

    LinkedIn Events

    • Event promotion: How to maximize exposure of your recruitment events across LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Pulse

    • Full overview: Understand the full workings of LinkedIn’s personalized news service
    • LinkedIn algorithm: Understanding how LinkedIn ranks visibility of news stories in contact’s News Feeds
    • Content optimization: How to ensure your news ranks highly in LinkedIn Today
    • Social influence: Best practice of LinkedIn Today to engage your network
  • LinkedIn Advertising
    • Full overview: Detailed guidance on all paid-for advertising options available on LinkedIn
    • Professional targeting: Target professionals based upon industry field, job title, location and company
    • Copywriting: Tried-and-tested techniques for writing compelling ad copy to drive click-throughs
    • Split-testing: Best practice for maximizing ROI
    • Budgeting: Outline of cost structure and tips for minimizing spend
  • LinkedIn Measurement
    • Measurement tools: Advice on free tools available online for measurement tracking
    • Metrics for success: Tried-and-tested metrics for testing performance

Training Mandatories

These three core elements are fused throughout the day training:

Case Studies
Leading case studies, demonstrating success across full variety of industry sectors
Hands-On Exercises
Specially designed class exercises to get you quickly and confidently up-to-speed
Business Consultancy
Live consultancy to tackle challenges related specifically to your brand or client


Every course attendee gains complimentary access to the following resources:

How you’ll benefit

  • Full access to Imparture's library of digital and social media playbooks, written by industry experts
  • All training materials, supporting notes and URL links are shared within 24 hours of the course completion
  • Free access to Imparture's training faculty to help with issues and challenges as they arise
Upcoming Dates in

Take a look at the next dates coming up:

Course Date
Friday, 18th Aug
9:30am - 17:00pm
$795.00 $945.00

(until July 28)

Wednesday, 27th Sep
9:30am - 17:00pm
$795.00 $945.00

(until September 08)

Wednesday, 8th Nov
9:30am - 17:00pm
$795.00 $945.00

(until October 20)

Monday, 18th Dec
9:30am - 17:00pm
$795.00 $945.00

(until December 01)


A day of training follows a set itinerary, with tea, coffee and refreshments provided throughout. An enjoyable lunch can also be expected.

  • 9:30
    Delegate Arrival & Refreshments
  • 10:00
    Training Commences
  • 11:15
    Refreshment Break
  • 11:30
    Training Commences
  • 13:00
  • 13:45
    Training Commences
  • 15:00
    Refreshment Break
  • 15:15
    Training Commences
  • 16:30
  • 17:00
    Training Closes

Course Trainers

Learn from our skilled trainers, with hands-on experience from the front-line.

Sean Makulowich
Trainer, Imparture

Sean Makulowich

Sean is the Founder and CEO of his own consultancy firm in Bethesda, Maryland. He leads Imparture's marketing and recruitment courses in Washington DC. He has worked on marketing and social media projects large and small for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Previous experience includes: Social Media and Business Development Consultant at RapidAdvance, Digital Marketing Consultant at Washington Life Magazine and Interactive Marketing Manager at Bach to Rock: America’s Music School, where he managed its entire online and interactive marketing activity portfolio, including the company’s 15 social networks. Sean brings this experience and talent – with a genuine enthusiasm for sharing his insights – to Imparture’s workshops. He has a BA in Fine/Studio Arts, Interactive Design, Web Development and Film Production from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Past delegate feedback includes: “I was very impressed with his knowledge on social media and marketing. He has a strong understanding of the different needs for each type of business and service.” And, “Sean was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on current trends and strategies and how to apply these to your job and business. Sean was able to personalize the workshop, but give real life examples for each of the students.”

What our delegates say


HR Manager

It made me realise how much I didn't know! Was good to understand how far social media extends!

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