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Digital TransformationOnline Course — Delivered Live
icon2 weeks duration
iconFour 2.5 hour live sessions
icon100% Trainer-led
Course overview

Join this focused online course to understand how companies are becoming increasingly digital. Get up-to-speed with how businesses are re-aligning their technology and business models to more effectively engage digital consumers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle. You will leave the session primed with the knowledge and tools to successfully engender digital change in your own organisation.

Key benefits

Take these learning outputs away with you:

  • Develop a digital strategy

    Establish a digital transformation strategy that leverages your competitive advantage and preserves it for the future

  • Adapt your structures & processes

    Company-wide change to take advantage of digital opportunities

  • Align resources and get the right people

    Organisational planning to engender digital change and instill digital expertise

  • Identify new products & markets

    Spearhead organisational growth through adoption of digital technologies

  • Recognise new digital technologies

    Gain deep understanding of technology trends that impact your business

How it works

Live, trainer-led class

Join a programme of live classes that emulate a classroom experience and overcome the hurdles often experienced with pre-recorded videos, webinars & quizzes.


Interactive group exercises

Each live class will include an opportunity to take part in group exercises with fellow course participants.


One-to-one mentorship

Take advantage of personal one-to-one time with the course trainer and establish clear steps to improve your work.

Course Program

Increasingly fast-paced digital change is rapidly changing how societies, businesses and consumers engage.

This online course is designed to provide a clear understanding of the impact of this digital change and how to formulate a digital roadmap for the future. Practical tools for engendering digital transformation across an organisation will be covered in depth.

Gain insight into how to set the right strategic foundations to improve performance through the use of digital. A particular focus is placed on customer journey mapping, articulating how disruptive technology affects the customer experience. Get fully to grips with the digital opportunities and threats facing your business.

Become immersed in the latest tools and trends to help you discover new ways to create value for your customers. You will leave the session primed ready with the knowledge and tools to engender digital transformation and long-term change for the future.

Class One
Digital Transformation Context
  • Defining digital transformation: Re-aligning tech & business models to engage customers throughout the customer experience lifecycle
  • Why does digital matter: The importance of digital in the interplay between technology, society & business models
  • The digital revolution: Charting the rise of tech and its societal and business impact
  • Future direction: Extrapolating the effects of today’s tech to tomorrow’s businesses
  • Commercial risk: Clarifying the risks inherent in not adopting a digital transformation strategy
Benefits of Digital Transformation
  • The perfect picture: Articulating what digital success looks like; examples of companies ahead of the curve
  • Updated company vision: Modernised and humanised to resonate with digital customers
  • Thriving culture of innovation: How transformation efforts create momentum to innovate in product & service development
  • Improved customer journey: How an intuitive customer journey improves conversions and outcomes
  • Digital meets physical: The transformational effects of ensuring digital meets physical reality
  • Greater competitive advantage: Building competitive advantage that executives recognise
  • Improved efficiency: Driving more efficient decision-making & processes between departments
  • Deeper data analysis: Creating deeper understanding of where data exists across the organisation
  • Increased customer conversion & loyalty: How a seamless customer experience contributes to the bottom line
Digital Transformation Framework
  • Stages to digital excellence: Guidance on the different phases of digital transformation
  • Emergent: Characteristics of organisations taking first digitally transformative steps
  • Managed: Necessary attributes to arrive at a managed stage of digital transformation
  • Optimised: Painting a clear picture of the fully digitally transformed organisation
Digital Transformation Drivers


  • Technology innovations: Social, mobile, real-time and others
  • Customer behaviour: Understanding the new type of consumerism at market
  • Digital Darwinism: The growing need to adapt to new technology to survive
Disruptive Technology
  • Social media: The six stages of social business transformation
  • Mobile: 2nd screen, gamification, messaging, chatbots, geolocation, payments
  • Real-time: Big data and apps
  • Evolving tech: Wearables, Internet of Things, makers, beacons, virtual AI/AR
Customer Journey Mapping
  • Digital customer experience: Understanding how disruptive technology affects customer experience
  • Customer personas: What uniquely defines your customers
  • Touchpoints: What physical and digital touchpoints do your customers frequent, and how do they use them
  • Customer expectations: What do your customers value?
  • Customer data: Surveying customer behaviour to drive product & service innovation insight
Class Two
Digital Transformation Inhibitors
  • Education: Broken experience leading to lack of knowledge
  • Tunnel vision: Silos preventing CxO collaboration
  • Cause-effect: No dedicated resources
  • Data paralysis: Lack of common vision and specific ownership of relationship between customer behaviours
Engendering Digital Change
  • End-state vision: Articulating a clear objective for your digital programme
  • Senior management buy-in: The vital need for senior management interest & desire to change practices
  • Internal leadership: How to drive digital change across teams and disparate parts of an organisation
  • Organisational alignment: The importance of aligning organisational structure with an initiative’s goals
  • CMO & CIO collaboration: How to overcome this typical hurdle
  • Overcoming scepticism: How to navigate past internal negativity and apathy for change
  • Instilling urgency: Tactics to heighten urgency and secure wider buy-in
Building a Case for Change
  • Gaining attention & commitment: Steps to take to achieve backing from senior colleagues
  • How to build a case: Template approaches to coherently communicate your strategy
  • Triggers to success: Outline of the key triggers to encourage board/CxO buy-in
A Digital Transformation Team
  • Center of excellence: A cross functional group tasked with redesigning & optimising customer experience
  • Team structure options: Overview of the different options at your disposal
  • Special workgroups: Forming specific workgroups to explore and expedite transformation
  • Change agents: Selecting the right composition of roles, across your organisation
  • IT partnerships: Strategic alliances between IT & marketing to streamline and scale transformation efforts
Forming & Leveraging Internal Alliances
  • Working cross-functionally: Working across Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, HR, IT & Finance to deliver digital change
  • Common stumbling blocks: Clear overview of typical pitfalls and how to avoid them
Barriers and Empowerment
  • A significant barrier: Why culture often represents the most significant barrier to change
  • Other barriers to look out for: Checklist of barriers and how to break them down
  • Empowering your business: Steps to take to make your organisation ready for change
Strategic Improvment vs. Quick Wins
  • Short-term pressure points: Being aware of short-term revenue or cost drivers getting in the way of digital change
  • Utilising quick wins: Planning in easy wins to showcase exhibit gains and build traction
Class Three
Digital Strategy
  • Establishing goals: Setting clear digital objectives and calling cards to success
  • Wider strategy alignment: Clarifying how digital supports wider business strategy
  • Short, medium & long-term: Establishing phased plans to work as milestones for change
  • Defining success: KPIs, metrics, analytics and reporting to define what success looks like
  • Design principles: Weaving user-centered design & customer experience across all
  • Digital governance: Who makes decisions and how; Assigning digital leaders
  • Digital culture: Defining working methods, environment and values
  • Roll-out: Training, education, empowerment and integration across business
  • Digital tech requirements: Infrastructure, architecture and points of integration across a business
  • Data requirements: Metadata, taxonomy and integration with rest of business and systems
  • Tech standards: Establishing the standards & protocols you intend to comply with
  • Legal: Working within data protection, privacy, IP and licence constraints
  • Procurement: Defining who is responsible for digital tech and agency procurement
  • Tools selection: Defining the tools and working environments for the digital team
  • Organisational structure: Teams, roles and responsibilities for digital
  • Stages of change: Understanding the different organisational structures to facilitate change
  • Roles & responsibilities: Articulating roles for a digital business
  • Skills gap: Understanding the widening digital skills gap and how to overcome
  • Recruiting digital talent: Key attributes to attract top digital talent
  • Working practices: Small, rounded teams; fluid/agile mixing disciplines; limited hierarchy
  • Increased internal collaboration: Instilling significantly improved collaboration between business functions
  • More empowered workplace: Education programmes to empower leadership team and wider employee base
  • Working environment: The benefit of open, collaborative, ad hoc spaces to mirror working practices
  • Key challenges: Understanding the key hurdles for activating digital processes
  • Multi-disciplinary: The challenges of delivering changes across disparate parts of an organisation
  • Speed/agility: Exercising organisational change at a speed commensurate with digital requirements
  • Complexity: Tackling high levels of complexity and sifting through data deluge
  • Innovation: The need for innovation, openness and responsiveness
Class Four
Building an Innovation Capability
  • Traditional ad-hoc approaches: Moving past typical ad-hoc approaches to innovation
  • Internal entrepreneurialism: The benefits of achieving an ‘always on’ approach to innovation
  • Keeping apace with change: How to build an innovation capability to match the sweeping changes at market
Business Transformation
  • A faster rate of change: Understanding the shorter life spans of today’s businesses
  • Digital excellence: Articulating the commercial benefits of digital excellence
Future Technologies in Action Today
  • Future-gazing: A detailed look at new technologies beginning to move into action

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Schedule & times Schedule & times

The course is split over four 2.5 hour sessions – held on
Tuesdays and Thursdays – running over two weeks.

Week 1
Class 1

06:00 - 08:30

Class 2

06:00 - 08:30

Week 2
Class 3

06:00 - 08:30

Class 4

06:00 - 08:30

Week 1
Class 1

06:00 - 08:30

Class 2

06:00 - 08:30

Week 2
Class 3

06:00 - 08:30

Class 4

06:00 - 08:30

Post training support

We put a lot of attention into our post training support, ensuring you have access to the materials and expert guidance you need to put your learnings into practice:

  • Imparture playbook library

    Free ‘how-to’ reference guides: Six detailed playbooks are sent to all attendees after the course to support key topics covered.

  • Full access to training materials

    Sent straight away to you: Slide decks are shared with all attendees 24-hours after a training session, with full access to training content and course notes.

  • Ongoing support

    Just get in touch: Imparture’s specialists are on hand following the course to help with any questions or challenges you might have.

Past attendees feedback
  • Course rating

    92% of past attendees would be recommend Imparture.

  • 9/10 Trainer score

    An average course rating of 9/10 from Fortune 500 companies.

  • Highly recommended

    Our expert trainers score 9.2/10 on average in feedback from course attendees.

Kate Addison
Carers UK
Really good insight into why people use each platform, and the way they use it - so content can be tailored most effectively. Came away with lots of quick wins and some more medium-term goals. What I learnt about LinkedIn has completely changed our plans, from focusing solely on our business page to working with senior members of staff to optimise their profile and host features that get sent out to their individual networks. Left the course feeling confident and inspired with heaps of ideas.
Suitable for all levels

Nothing beats a traditional classroom environment to fully engage with a topic and learn from an expert course trainer.

Kick-start your learning: Our courses are designed to fast-track your knowledge. No prior experience is necessary.
Setting the right foundations: Core principles are covered clearly at the outset, before moving onto more advanced topics.
Simple, clear language: All jargon and technical terms are explained.
Experienced practitioners
1-2-1 time with the trainer: Ensures you have plenty of opportunity to consult the trainer with specific questions in regards to your current projects.
Engaging class dynamic: Network with your fellow class participants in a meaningful and engaging way.
Our trainers

Learn from our skilled trainers, with hands-on experience from the front-line.

Jennifer Begg
Jennifer Begg
Jennifer has worked in media and communications for 11 years and have delivered thousands of hours of training in digital media and social media. From the commercial team at Guardian News & Media to developing educational Imparture curriculum and delivering large scale, national social media campaigns; she combines practical experience with training delivery.
  • Jennifer Begg

    Jennifer Begg


    Jennifer has worked in media and communications for 11 years and have delivered thousands of hours of training in digital media and social media. From the commercial team at Guardian News & Media to developing educational Imparture curriculum and delivering large scale, national social media campaigns; she combines practical experience with training delivery.

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