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Digital Marketing Foundation Online Course — Delivered Live
2 weeks duration
Four 2.5 hour live sessions
100% Trainer-led
Course overview

Book on this intensive two-day workshop to get fully briefed on the key ingredients that form a successful digital marketing strategy. Gain expert guidance from the front-line and best practice insight from recent case study examples. Leave the session with hands-on skills, ready to put your knowledge into play.

Key benefits

Take these learning outputs away with you:

  • Develop a successful digital strategy

    Proven strategy frameworks to raise your activity to industry best practice

  • Boost the ROI from your campaigns

    Conversion rate optimization to maximize results from your digital marketing efforts

  • Master Google Analytics

    Prove success with advanced metrics and KPIs to track performance

How it works
How it works
Live, trainer-led class

Join a programme of live classes that emulate a classroom experience and overcome the hurdles often experienced with pre-recorded videos, webinars & quizzes.

How it works
Interactive group exercises

Each live class will include an opportunity to take part in group exercises with fellow course participants.

How it works
One-to-one mentorship

Take advantage of personal one-to-one time with the course trainer and establish clear steps to improve your work.

Course program

Get up-to-speed on the fundamental elements of any solid digital marketing strategy. Gain expert guidance from the front-line and best practice insight from recent case study examples. You will leave the classes with the necessary building blocks to drive substantial improvement across your digital marketing campaigns.

Class one
Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Business opportunity: Understanding the business opportunities presented by digital marketing
  • Strategy framework: Clear framework for developing a coherent plan for your digital marketing
  • Goal setting: How to set clear objectives for your digital marketing
Content Strategy
  • Content: The role of content in a successful digital marketing strategy
  • Role of messaging: Understanding the role of messaging in ensuring content delivers desired results
  • Storytelling: How to develop narratives and story arcs to trigger higher audience attention & recall
  • Relevancy: How to ensure your content personally strikes a chord with your audience
  • Maximize shareability: How to focus your efforts on content your audience will want to share
  • The sales funnel: Understanding the role of content to help prospects move down the ‘sales funnel’
Class two
Social Media Strategy
  • Planning: Developing a successful social strategy for your brand or client
  • Platform strategy: How to focus your time across social platforms that best fit your business objectives
  • Listening: How to best monitor conversations online and pre-empt breaking crises
  • Community engagement: How to best engage with your community and manage negative comments
  • Community growth: Proven techniques for organically growing a targeted community across your platforms
  • Paid boost: Maximize use of paid advertising options to boost your community growth
Email Marketing
  • Business opportunity: Understanding the business opportunities presented by email marketing
  • Tactical breakdown: Full checklist of different business outputs that can be delivered with email
  • Email marketing strategy: Developing an email marketing strategy that resonates with your subscribers
  • Permission marketing: Understanding the dynamics of opt-in marketing
  • Customer acquisition: Checklist of different acquisition methods available, across multiple channels
  • Email design: Best practice guidance on email design and development
  • Copywriting checklist: Checklist to up your copywriting game
Class three
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google algorithm update: The latest Google algorithm updates and how to plan around them
  • SEO 101: Checklist of factors affecting search engine ranking
  • Link building: Detailed briefing on the science behind link building and SEO
  • Keyword research: Best practice keyword research & planning advice
  • SEO strategy: Full overview of different structured approaches and their applications
Google Adwords
  • Up-to-date insight: Full review of Google AdWords products and developments
  • Campaign setup: AdWords campaign structure best practice for top performance
  • Search & display network: A decision-making framework for choosing between the search & display network
  • Budget allocation: Best practice guidance on setting campaign budgets
  • Keyword bidding strategy: How to set keywords bids to best meet your campaign objectives
  • Google Quality Score: Clear checklist for improving your Quality Score
  • Ad copy best practice: Clear outline of best practice methodology to increase ad click-through rates
Class four
Conversion Rate Optimization
  • ROI gain: Understanding the business opportunities presented by CRO
  • Value proposition optimization: How to improve your value proposition and increase conversion
  • Conversion audit: How to audit your website conversions
  • A/B testing: Full guidance on how to set-up an A/B testing program
Google Analytics
  • Configuration: Clear checklist to follow to best configure your account and profiles
  • Metrics: Clear guidance on the top metrics to use to track results
  • Goal setting: Best practice guidance on goal setting to fit with your commercial objectives
  • Conversion funnel visualization: How to uncover where visitors leave your funnel
  • Multi-channel funnels: How to allocate conversions when multiple marketing channels are involved
  • Attribution modeling: Best practice guidance on how to attribute results to respective channels

Request a detailed syllabus

Request syllabus
Class schedule and times for Schedule & times

The course is split over four 2.5 hour sessions - held on Tuesdays and Thursdays - running over two weeks.

Week 1
Class 1

16:00 - 18:30

Class 2

16:00 - 18:30

Week 2
Class 3

16:00 - 18:30

Class 4

16:00 - 18:30

Week 1
Class 1

18:00 - 21:00

Class 2

18:00 – 21:00

Week 2
Class 3

18:00 – 21:00

Class 4

18:00 – 21:00

Post training support

We put a lot of attention into our post training support, ensuring you have access to the materials and expert guidance you need to put your learnings into practice:

  • Imparture playbook library

    Free ‘how-to’ reference guides: Six detailed playbooks are sent to all attendees after the course to support key topics covered.

  • Full access to training materials

    Sent straight away to you: Slide decks are shared with all attendees 24-hours after a training session, with full access to training content and course notes.

  • Ongoing support

    Just get in touch: Imparture’s specialists are on hand following the course to help with any questions or challenges you might have.

Past attendees feedback
  • Course rating

    92% of past attendees would be recommend Imparture.

  • 9/10 Trainer score

    An average course rating of 9/10 from Fortune 500 companies.

  • Highly recommended

    Our expert trainers score 9.2/10 on average in feedback from course attendees.

Laura Ness
Laura Ness
Jellybean Creative
I think the amount of topics covered in the two days was spot on. Enough to feel stretched but not too many as to overload. The types of topics covered as well were spot on - really useful and directly applicable to my clients. The training often referenced B2B examples as well which is rare on courses (I've been on) and was much appreciated. I found this such an inspiring course, perfectly pitched and a real pleasure. The time went really quickly and there was a good variety of content. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Suitable for all levels

Nothing beats a traditional classroom environment to fully engage with a topic and learn from an expert course trainer.

Kick-start your learning: Our courses are designed to fast-track your knowledge. No prior experience is necessary.
Setting the right foundations: Core principles are covered clearly at the outset, before moving onto more advanced topics.
Simple, clear language: All jargon and technical terms are explained.
Experienced practitioners
1-2-1 time with the trainer: Ensures you have plenty of opportunity to consult the trainer with specific questions in regards to your current projects.
Engaging class dynamic: Network with your fellow class participants in a meaningful and engaging way.
Our trainers

Learn from our skilled trainers, with hands-on experience from the front-line.

Andy Harrison
Lead Trainer
Jacqueline Boone
Lead Trainer
Sean Makulowich
Andy Harrison
Andy is a renowned trainer, coach & speaker. He runs a digital media agency, leading a team with unique experience in digital marketing and intelligence. Andy delivers Imparture’s Social Media, Digital Marketing and Google Analytics Training Courses. A lead trainer for Imparture, Andy has proven his ability to provide outstanding Imparture training courses and consistently receives top scores and feedback from our delegates.
Jacqueline Boone
Jacqueline is an International Business and Digital Marketing Consultant who founded her own company in 2012. As a Lead Trainer for Imparture, she leads Imparture's workshops in marketing and recruitment in New York, as well as our online recruitment classes.
Sean Makulowich
Sean is the Founder and CEO of his own consultancy firm in Bethesda, Maryland. He leads Imparture's marketing and recruitment courses in Washington DC. He has worked on marketing and social media projects large and small for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.
Frequently asked questions

Have some questions for us? Take a look at some of those that we are most typically asked, along with our responses. We'd love to hear from you if there is anything else we can help with.

  • Who should attend?

    Digital marketing, advertising and ecommerce professionals – agency or client-side.

  • Will I receive any certification after completing the course?

    A certificate as proof of your attendance on the course is available on request.

  • How can I pay?

    We accept payment via Credit Card, Debit Card, BACS, Cheque or Invoice.

  • Will the same trainer be leading each class??

    Yes, the same trainer will run each of the classes related to this online course.

  • When will I receive my log-in details??

    You will receive full log-in details and clear step-by-step instructions to join the Online Learning course seven days prior to the first class.

  • Do I need to share my video during a class??

    You will be able to see your trainer via a video stream, together with most other delegates joining you on the class. However, it is completely up to you as to whether you share your own video.

  • What equipment do I require?

    A laptop with browsing capabilities; a webcam and microphone to participate in group exercises.

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