• Abby Hirsch Phillips

    Abby Hirsch Phillips

    Lead Trainer, Imparture

    Abby’s diverse wealth of experience and expertise spans over 25 years, and covers a broad base of disciplines, from career and change management to training, facilitation, sales and marketing. She’s a sought-after speaker, and as one of Imparture's lead trainers, leads our Atlanta-based workshops in marketing and recruitment.

  • Jennifer Radke

    Jennifer Radke

    Trainer, Imparture

    Jennifer has over 15 years of experience in sales, recruitment management, organizational leadership, coaching, development and training, making her a perfect fit to lead Imparture's courses. She obtained her Social Media Strategist certification in 2014 and is a certified instructor.

  • Robin Colner

    Robin Colner

    Trainer, Imparture

    Robin is the CEO of her own company as well as an Academic Director and a Teacher at Fordham University, developing the curriculum and hiring instructors as well as teaching various undergraduate and post-graduate courses in digital marketing and social media.

  • Mary Ann Hill

    Mary Ann Hill

    Trainer, Imparture

    Mary Ann is a Communications Consultant, experienced marketer and has also been providing social media training for the past eight years, with particular expertise with LinkedIn. This gives Mary Ann the perfect qualifications to lead our marketing courses in Boston.

  • Julie Van Ameyde

    Julie Van Ameyde

    Trainer, Imparture

    Julie has over 25 years of business development and marketing experience in a myriad of industries, from legal and medical to technology, retail and services. Julie has been President of her own company since 2008 alongside delivering Imparture’s workshops on social and digital media marketing in Detroit.

  • Adam Helweh

    Adam Helweh

    Trainer, Imparture

    Adam leads Imparture's digital marketing and Google Analytics courses in San Francisco. He founded his own company in 2006, after successful roles as a Project Manager and Creative Director at HyperStrike.com, as well as a Social Media Director and Organizing Team Member at TEDxSanJoseCA.

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