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All of Imparture's resources are developed - and constantly updated - by industry experts with hands-on experience from the front-line.

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Imparture Industry Benchmarking Reports provide up-to-the-minute insight on your social media performance in direct comparison to your competitors.

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An Imparture subscription arms your with a variety of online resources - from case study and how-to video databases, to a fully comprehensive library of playbooks, all designed to showcase best practice in action.


Choose from a range of training options: from a wide selection of workshops, specially designed eLearning modules to bespoke inhouse training programmes.

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An Imparture subscription offers an unrivalled breadth of social media resources, covering all key topics and platforms, across the full array of industry sectors.

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Imparture works with over 8,000 customers, ranging from large corporates and Government departments, to small businesses and start-ups.
The resources offered provided extensive breadth and depth of knowledge to arm me with confidence to know where to invest in social media and perhaps more importantly, where not to. Highly recommended to all marketing and communications professionals.

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